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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i got it ! yes, i won woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive. >>shepard: a dramatic turn in the case of this missing utah mom. police say the husband in this picture killed himself and those two kids in a house fire, just as the sons started talking about what happened to their mother. the murder trial started today for a veteran los angeles police officer accused of killing a romantic rival three decades ago. the prosecution says they now can prove it through d.n.a. plus the g.o.p. presidential candidates set their sights on colorado after mitt romney gained more momentum toward the nomination. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in
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title town a stunning development not case of a utah woman who vanished more than two years ago. we covered this story at the time and a lot since husband josh powell claims his wife disappeared during a camping truck and took his two young sons in below freezing temperatures after midnight and police never found her body. police say he killed himself and their two sons yesterday, set the house on fire during what was supposed to be a supervised visit with social services. what's in there? >>shepard: there were people in there. josh powell and those precious children died in that massive fire at home in washington state. officials say a social worker was bringing the kids over for a visit which was allowed by law when the dad blocked the social work freeway getting into the house. >> she got locked out tried to get in and pounded on the car
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and called 9-1-1 and her boss but it was too late. when the flames died down, this is all that was left. his lawyers say he got a three-word e-mail saying "i'm sorry, goodbye." you will recall he was the primary "person of interest" in the wife's disappearance in 2009 but had repeatedly denied he had anything to do with it. and days ago he lost custody of his children to his wife's parents. and now there is word the children recently started remembering things about the night their mom went missing. a lawyer for the grandparents says the oldest boy talked about that when they went camping and that mommy was in the trunk, mom and dad got out the car and mom disappeared said one child. we may never know exactly what happened to susan pow women but police say there is little doubt her two sons died at the hands of their mother. the story for us from graham, washington. what is happening at scene?
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>>reporter: autopsies are underway in the medical examiner hopes to answer the question how the children died, and on the scene we have arson investigators combing through the ans and trying to answer questions how did josh powell blow up the house so fast. another news conference in a couple of hours. three minutes after the 9-1-1 call yesterday, it was fully engulfed in flames and firefighterred had no chance to get in. this happened four days after a judge told josh powell he would not regain today of his young boys until he passed an examination and a polygraph different. >> it came down 2002 things he knew the police were really close and i think he was afraid of the polygraph. i don't think he was going to be asked the questions he was afraid of and he saw an opportunity to hurt a whole lot of people at the time that he
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ended it for himself so he took the boys with him. >>reporter: this was supposed to be "supervised visit," and the case worker has been here before and been in that house and never reported any problems with josh powell not past. she did everything she could, police say. >>shepard: is it positive build that these left some indication of where his wife's body might be? what does it do for the investigation? >>reporter: that is what police are trying to learn now, what happened to susan powell. we know a team investigators from utah or on the ground and will meet with the local cops and having a news conference in a couple of hours but this is an open and ongoing investigation and the utah in us would not respond to a rumor that arrest was imminent. his father has also been the subject of this investigation. he was in jail right now, on child porn charges. we are told he is on suicide watch and we may be able to answer his fate only if he can talk because, agains he is a
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subject of investigation along with josh who cannot talk now. >>shepard: thank you from the scene. man alive, just awful. the attorney whoent ares her parents during the investigation trying to get this yesterday up and find out what happened to her. nice to see you. thank you for, here under horrible circumstances. the children were talking and i guess you knew about this, right? >>guest: i did. what i knew was, and i was not the lawyer in the family law case, who heard about the trunk and the other things from the kid but it was heard that the kids say mommy is in a mine. they said things like, if you find the mine, you find mommy. so they were opening up, now that they are away from their dad, and in the custody of the grandparents. >>shepard: the grandparents had custody and they were going to stop the supervised visits is my understanding, right?
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>>guest: exactly. and here is the thing. as we look at this. you talk about supervised visits you can have neutral place, a secure place, somebody that is a security person where this can't not happen. the fact is, they were being quiet and the judge said do not talk about anything with the kids, just keep a low profile so they were doing everything right to keep the kids safe and to keep them in their home. and you see the horrible tragedy and to see this inferno with the kids run dog their dad that they loved and being set on fire it is more than anybody could take. any of us in the family, it is just unthinkable. >>shepard: it is my understanding the social worker is walking into that house and the kids, two kids, are calling in front of her; that how this happened and they, the kids went there you the door and he slammed and locked the door,
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right? >>guest: that is right. i got a call about it from a reporter in salt lake city and i called the grandfather and he talked to people there and called me back and confirmed it. i could, it was too surreal i could not believe it. >>shepard: i mean, those grandparents ... i hope somebody is with them. >>guest: they are with family. they are in isolation and they need time. they need privacy. and they neat prayers. >>shepard: i hope they get them all. thank you,anne. sadly the neighbors were alonging on when it went up if flames but they didn't know what was going on and did not have a way do know that kids had run this there and dad set the house on fire and they are watching a house burn and they don't know there are three people in there. mary was there yesterday and she is joining us from washington state. anyone has a fire on their secret everyone is going to come
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and look at it, right? >>guest: yes. it was, everybody was out there. >>shepard: all the neighbors? >>guest: yes. >>shepard: tell me what you saw and what you guys knew, and when? >>guest: well, we were getting ready for our super bowl party and we had, we were running, you know, we heard the "boom," and we --. it >>shepard: it was an explosion? >>guest: yes. we ran outside. and we ran outside. and you see this big black smoke coming up in the air and i run inside and grab my camera and my video camera, ran down there and it is only like a minute walk, and it was just surreal and my first reaction is, i hope nobody was in there. and then my second reaction, my son's school is right here, you know, the neighborhood kids and i was hoping nobody's kids were in there and we her it was
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something else, maybe it was drug related or whatever, and we decided maybe it was just because of that. then we found out an hour later what it was. >>shepard: did you know of the story of this family and the missing mom? did you know about the family or not? >>guest: yes. steven powell lives a mile and a half from here, the ribbons that were lining the streets were right down the road from us, and, so, it was close to our community and ... >>shepard: i cannot imagine whatever happened to this mom, we don't know yet, maybe we will find out, we will talk to the lawyers in a minute but to think that everybody talks how the kids just worshiped that man. and that he would not only kill himself but bring his children in the house, it's just ... you cannot imagine how anyone could do that. >>guest: unthinkable.
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>>shepard: unbelievable. >>guest: very unthinkable. >>shepard: so many questions left to answer for this family. and think of the grandparents. taking it to our legal panel, you know, we report on awful stuff, but when you think what this man did, it is just ... one thing ... how do you find out what happened to the wife, now? this is this other guy who is under investigation and i guess they got to get him to talk. can the prosecution offer a deal or something to try to put this thing together? >>randy: now they is access, maybe, to some of his computers and the personal possessions that maybe will lend clues to what happened to his missing wife. it could literally render you speechless as a defense lawyer but i will tell you one thing that pops into my mine think about something to say that would make sense in the face of all of this. what does it speak to a "person
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of interest" to we simply had looked up josh powell two years ago the trial would have been over now, the chip would have fallen where they fell. he would be convicted or acquitted but you leave him out because you are afraid, i don't know of what? maybe this whole notion of "person of interest", imagine if he killed himself because he didn't do anything wrong and he could not stand the thought of what was happen increasing remember, he lost his kids not because of something he did but because of his dad. the man's world is crumbling. >> if he is deemed a "person of interest" and do not want to arrest or prosecute him there is not enough evidence. >>shepard: if they have children saying mommy is in the from orange they have not enough keep him away from the children, don't snow >>randy: now, though, we don't know when it developed. >>shepard: it developed prior to him blowing his children up. whenever it developed why isn't there is an agency that can go, children say mommy was in the
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trunk children must be taken away from daddy. that's it until we dealer up the mommy in the trunk stuff, they --. >>randy: unfortunately, if you prosecute and i have prosecuted and defended kids cases involving kids, kids are very impressionable and people speak, did mommy go into the trunk, yes, and this is a reason kids are presumed not to understand until they are 12. >>shepard: but it seems like you should check on it and do some checking and try to protect those children. we called associate services and i am sure there is a social services worker out there, i imagine being that poor woman at the door. the door closes and the house employees up and the children you have been protected --. >>randy: you will see a change those rules because you know she should not have let the kids go first but she did. >>shepard: and ... poor "her." i mean, whatever ... not always a very fund job.
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nice to see you both. more later. syria is slipping closer to civil war with enormous developments pertaining to our government. we closed our embassy. more ahead. wake up!
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>>shepard: the united states closed its embassy in syria today, pulled all the diplomats out of the country and there is government sponsored slaughter going on there. activists say syrian government forces killed at least 50 people today alone. after it rocked the city's homes with rockets and artillery. the shutdown of the embassy is the most dramatic incident of the syrian military problems there after russia and china vetoed a resolution against this. and the defense secretary hillary clinton called the veto as "travesty," people keep
12:17 pm
dying. the u.n. estimates well more than 5,400 people have been killed since many. most of them peaceful protesters rising up against four decades of assad's family dictatorship and syria shares borders with iraq, lebanon, and israel today, and it is also a major ally of iran. and our chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is on it. how scientific is the, how scientific is the study of how bad the crackdown is and how significant, at the same time, is the closing of the u.s. embassy? >>jonathan: the closing of the embassy is a symbolic move by the united states, not a breaking of diplomatic relations. and that is important distinction. it is a suspension of the u.s. diplomatic presence in damascus, what the u.s. administration hopes is it sends another signal to the syrian people that the international community is on their side and as president obama said in an interview with
12:18 pm
nbc, before the announcement of the closing of the embassy, he hopes it sends a signal that president assad's days are numbered. listen. >> my sense is you are seeing more and more people inside of syria recognizing that they need to turn a chapter and the assad regime is feeling the noose tightening. this is not going to an matter if, but a matter of when. >>jonathan: the question of "when," is the big question here, obviously, because when is completely immeasurable and every day dozens if not hundreds are being murdered by the syrian security forts. >>shepard: and you wonder if the veto by the russians and chinese if that veto does not give assad a lift? than i read a headline over the weekend that says russia gives a green light to assad and many experts believe it does exactly that.
12:19 pm
listen. >> this emboldens him to continue the crackdown or deepen it; for the opposition it tells them, look, there is no diplomatic or military help that is coming here, so, really, the only path ahead is one of civil war. >>jonathan: that is the bottom line. there appears to be no stomach whatever under western nations for military intervention. so for now the syrian people remain on their own to they want get rid of assad they have to do it themselves. >>shepard: jonathan, thank you. judith miller is here, pulitzer prize winning journalist. we talk about diplomacy and we pulled out our dip makes and pulled the personnel. >>guest: when the president of the united states says that we are virtually ruling out outside mellary intervention, 48 hours after the u.n. security council has just -- vetoed a resolution
12:20 pm
denouncing assad for the vicious crackdown there are no openings and that is what the president is saying to assad, and if i were sitting in damascus, today, i would say i am home free, nothing bad is going to happen to me because i am killing between 5,000 syrian opposition people and up to 7,000 people. nothing will happen to me. this is the worst possible signal we could send right new. >>shepard: are there defectors from the military? are they really able to put up a fight? >>guest: they are seeking shelter in turkey and putting up a fight. but we have not had senior military people defect. we have had lower ranking people who don't know how to organize a counterinsurgency or an insubject answer like this, so, this is a very very difficult moment for syria. it should be a moment of intense
12:21 pm
shame. foreign secretary of britain called the u.n. a house of shame for its veto. it is understandable why the russians would want to, they sell $4 billion worth of weapons a year to the syrians and they have about $20 billion. >>shepard: the russians are selling the weapons that the president is murdering the people? >>guest: exactly. well done russia and iran because iran is sending in people to help them organize the repression, to help them monitor people through cyber skills. these are two very bad actors and nothing bad is happening to them, eithers because of their positions. >>shepard: got do move. judith, jonathan, thank you. the g.o.p. race for the presidential nomination is picking up speed four more states voting this week and we will have a preview. and a little bit later, you know we have to talk football. we got to do that.
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>>shepard: mitt romney walked away with a decisive victory in nevada and g.o.p. officials today released the final results from the nevada caucus and they say handwritten ballots helped add to the delay but mitt romney won 50 percent and newt gingrich barely holding on to second place and former massachusetts governor enjoying back-to-back wins after the strong first place finish in florida but it is not all rosy, really. according to a new poll from washington post/abc news poll
12:26 pm
not election were held today, and i know this, well, whatever, president obama would have a solid lead over mitt romney, 52 percent to 43 percent and the republican candidates have in time to rest. colorado among the handful of states holding g.o.p. contests this week. and now from denver in the mile high newsroom. all but one candidates are in colorado today. >> that is right. and that would be ron paul will she in minnesota but he did spend a fair amount of time in colorado last week, and begannered big crowds. today, newt gingrich is in golden, colorado, where he toned down his attack on romney saying he has rethought the whole campaign but, still, he attempted to narrow the frontrunner's lead. >> she not a bad person, per se, but he also is not a person who goes in this with force and will and fundamentally changes things. we are in a situation where we need to have fundamental change.
12:27 pm
>>reporter: meantime, governor romney is in grand junction talking to republican voters there and romney has the benefit of his established organization here, from the g.o.p. caucus win in 2008, additionally a number of endorsements from high from file republicans in the state, and, tonight, santorum and gingrich will participate in an energy summit here in colorado, the topic of discussion, domestic energy discussion. >>shepard: the results of the caucus are not binding? no but they usually don't change. the expectation is that there could be some low turn outs which is not a big problem but with fewer people to deal with, the campaigns do have additional challenges which become motivation getting the core to the site, political watchers point out state republicans, hour, are polarized.
12:28 pm
>> we have a lot of moderate whose have dominated the party but we also have a strong contingent of conservatives who especially can assert themselves in caucuses. >> now, because colorado voters regardless of party, are relatively independent minded there could be an argument to be made for people like newt gingrich who are part of the insurgent crowd there. however, romney does lead in the poll. >>shepard: thank you from denver. now iran, and president obama has just announced brand new penalties designed to hit that rogue nation where it hurts. the defense secretary panetta revealed days ago that it is his belief that israel could soon go a step further potentially launching an attack on iran this spring over the secretive nuclear program. and from the pentagon, what do we know of the new penalties, jennifer? >>guest: well, in essence they
12:29 pm
freeze iran assets that could be in the up, tightening the noose that much more on the continues of the iranian regime they lay the ground work for sanctioning those doing business with iran's central bank. >> we have done extensive planning over the last several years about our various options in the gulf. and we are prepared to exercise the options should they, should the need arise, but, my goal is to try to resolve this diplomatically mainly because the only way over the long term to assure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon is by getting them to understand it is not in their interests. >> this comes on the same day that the iranians carried out war games that began this weekend in southern iran, all adding to the increased temperature in the region, the president trying to lower the rhetoric and use these sanctions in the hopes that israel will not choose a military option in the meantime. >>shepard: do the united states and israel agree whether there is enough time for the
12:30 pm
sangs to have any effect? >>guest: it is not clear whether they are on the same page if you listen to israeli defense minister, he telegraphed last week that those who say later may find that "later" is too late, the words of the israel prime minister. and it was announced that it is believed their ran is moving nuclear activity away from the main facility to a city near a holy site which is 220' underground and the white house trying to reassure those who think israel and the united states are working on different time clocks. >> the president made cheer -- clear our level of cooperation with israel, militarily and in intelligence marries has never been higher, and we have made that point repeatedly because i think it demonstrates this country's commitment to israel's security. >> what is interesting is that the treasury department is
12:31 pm
working very hard to work with those nations that produce oil, saudi arabia why and the emirates so they increase their soil supply as this tightening of sanctions occurs so that oil prices don't go up. it is a very difficult balancing act. >> sounds it from the pentagon, thank you. egypt's not back down from putting the united states citizens on trial. now filing criminal charges. that is despite the threat of losing $1 billion in aid. we will get the details on that. plus, g men deja blue. what a party on the streets of new york city. i left the streets about 4:00. still going on. the giants beat the patriots. again. nfl story michael orr, whose team probably should have beaten the patriot to weeks ago. he is up ahead.
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12:36 pm
responded to those brand new charges. >> clearly it said as the secretary did again, that the actions can have consequences for our relationship. including with regard to our assistance. that is not what we want. we need to resolve this issue. now. >>shepard: secretary of state hillary clinton and dozens of law marries are threatening to cut off the military government from more than $1 billion in annual taxpayer aid. and now to washington, dc. mike, when will the united states notify egypt, you have gone too far? >>reporter: some suggest that point has been reached when we have american citizens who is worked in egypt for yearsening arrested and our colleague took this approach in trying to figure out how far is "too far," with jake carney, white house press secretary. >> the charges in egypt, can we assume that prosecution would cross a line? >> i don't want to speculate about what actions would prompt
12:37 pm
what reaction. we are deeply concerned about the crackdown against ngo's. >> a democratic senator from maryland called the prosecutions of americans in egypt totally unacceptable and says the united states should reevaluate its relationship with cairo. >>shepard: ngo's is nongovernment organizations and one is run by ray lahood's son, sam lahood who is there stucky. what do we know about his democracy group? >>reporter: they say they are doing nothing wrong and they have been there working on trying to establish democracy in egypt and the international republican institute, the group sam lahood works for note there have been corruption in egyptian courts and "the continued assault on american, german and egyptian civil society is not a legitimate view additional process but a politically motivated effort to squash egypt's growing civil society orchestrated through the courts in part by my mubarak and
12:38 pm
holdovers." clearly a tense situation. >>shepard: one more tense situation. mike from the washington, dc bureau and our senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano is here. our main guy on this sort of issue. what do you do now? >>judge napolitano: not much. you can only hope that hillary clinton and her team can negotiate a deal for the release of these people as she and her team did for three american students a few weeks ago. >>shepard: she has been impressive. >>judge napolitano: but there is a limit to what she can accomplish. we give them over $1 billion a year. she does have the ability to ask the president to hold back some of that money. does it come all at once? regularly. she can stop march or april's delivery. the many or april check. but the american government is a target for the military this. and americans on the streets of cairo are fair game because it
12:39 pm
is popular for the military to target members and say they are engaged in antiegyptian activists. activity which in the united states is absolutely and totally protected by the first amendment. so, it is not a fair system at all. the judges work for the government. the government is the military and the military is making up the law as it goes along, and it is between two constitutions, the one this was in existence when mubarak was the president and the one that will come interest existence when a new government is permitted to be elected. a very dangerous time to be there and there is no law except what those in power say is the law. >>shepard: if we withhold our money there is the possibility we don't have any leverage at all? >>guest: correct, that is where mrs. clinton and her team come in doing this in a judicial way. their goal is to get the 19 people out. but there will be another 19 or another 25 or another 35 after that. americans are targets for this government in egypt in these
12:40 pm
days. >>shepard: stay out of there. the judge is on "freedom watch," weeknights 8:00 eastern and 7:00 in oxford on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. more than a a quarter century ago a young woman was murdered and someone three decades later is going to trial for this, and the prosecution case hinges on d.n.a. evidence and without the dan this would not be happening. details, the legal debate 51ing this case and it is fierce. [ horn honks ]
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12:44 pm
2009 when the d.n.a. testing pointed investigators toward this woman, the former detective from los angeles police department. this woman killed the victim because she married the man this woman loved. trace has the news from los angeles. what is the key evidence, trace? >>trace: a bite mark that was never identified and police all along thought it was the bite mark from a man until it said, no, it was from a woman so her colleagues, the detectives followed her around until they found a cup she drank from and they tested the saliva and it was a probably match. her, she is after the colleagues accused her. listen. >> if you claim that i am a suspect, i got a problem with that. okay? so, if you are doing this as an interrogation, you are saying,
12:45 pm
i'm a suspect, well, now i got a problem, now are accusing me of this? is that what you are saying? >>trace: the recent says the bullets in the victim's body match the type of weapon that she owned back in the 1980's. >>shepard: what is the defense saying? >>trace: the defense says they will put on witnesses that will absolve stehpanie but their big attack here is to go after the d.n.a. saying it is unreliable and it was contaminated during the gathering process and over the years it has been degraded and no longerry liable and about 26 years ago a law for the victim actually claimed that she threatened his client while she was working in the hospital. here is her when she was confronted on that point. listen. >> she worked at a hospital somewhere and i may have met her at a hospital, but i may have talk toddler once or twice ...
12:46 pm
or more. you know ... >>trace: the defense and the prosecution have finished their opening statements and the first witness is called right after launch at frye minutes from now. >>shepard: that is deposition or interrogation video? >>trace: interrogation video from 2009. >>shepard: it is interesting to watch. thanks, trace, and now the lawyers. our legal panel, criminal defense lawyer randy zelin and former prosecutor here. you often say d.n.a. open shut and open shut, d.n.a. does everything. >>randy: we know, especially with the old d.n.a. it does come down to the battle of the experts but what i say just because it is old d.n.a., doesn't mean that it is any less reliable. and, what i think is interesting so many times we see defendants previously convicted later exonerated on d.n.a. evidence and we say in the interests of justice the right thing was continue.
12:47 pm
well, the prosecution should be able to rely on d.n.a. evidence, also, to say justice is going to be served. >>shepard: and they will try to do that. >>randy: little problem, this murder took place in 1986. in 1986, we weren't using d.n.a. in this country. the first case of this case using d.n.a. to convict or exon rate somebody was this 1987 tommy lee andrews was convicted in orange county, florida, and the first time it was used in the world, was in 1986 a doctor was asked to do something in a rape case and, so, how could the people collecting this evidence back in 1986 know how important it would be and you will agree, jason, come ons you have to be real came, it is about reliability, it has to be valid. there is a way you collect this stuff. >>guest: it is not bad to impugn the collection of
12:48 pm
evidence. >>randy: but they didn't know what to do because it did not exist. like saying we have to worry about a mission when we were using horses and buggies. >>shepard: but they collected evidence. they tested the d.n.a. >>randy: and rlfp you need a lot more. >>shepard: and it works. it matches. a probable match. >> but there are finger nail fragments. so this will be interesting. >>randy: without the d.n.a. evidence there is no case. we are asking a jury to rely on collection that did not exist at that time. don't open your mouths, viewers if you are arrested! >>shepard: and now the good stuff, giants won last night.
12:49 pm
michael orr should have been laying in it. i'm sorry, new england, but ... michael orr from the ravens and [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: giants and pats super bowl rematch did not disappoint with the 4th quarter come back. eli manning, mvp and one of the strangest touchdowns really in super bowl history, first, check out winning drive. the giants down two points, way back in their own ten yard line, and there is king of new york, super eli, less than four
12:53 pm
minutes to play, no time outs and a game changer. eli! >> he did get both feet inbounds. a few plays later, bradshaw ... falling butt first into the end zone for a rare unwanted touchdown. i guess he forgot to talk about that on the side lines. watch again, he tried to stop, just shy of a touchdown so new york could use up more of the clock. you don't want to give tom brady any time and they kick a shoo-in field goal, i don't. bradshaw said he had too much momentum and could not help but score to brady got the ball with a minute left. and the pats quarterback never
12:54 pm
got up field and the final hair mary failed to connect, ranched as the most united states program in united states history, urge 111.3348 viewers compared to 111 million, king of new york, won the second super bowl title, the second super bowl mvp, second everything, against the hated patriots. and fellow rebel, and from the ravens, could have beaten the patriots, a field goal away. >> so close. i thought we had that. i'm still stunned. but it is good to see eli helping the rebels pull it off. >>shepard: people around here from the time he came here, i had friend whose did not watch college football and all my friends, i can't stand the way he carries himself, what is wrong with him, why isn't he tough?
12:55 pm
>> super bowl is like that. >>shepard: not toughst a great article about that's over, whoever said eli man isn't tough. >>guest: two super bowl, two mvp's. michael is from "blind side," ole miss, good daddy, buddy of mine and has another book out, "i beat the odds from homelessness to the blind side to beyond." tell us about "beyond." >>guest: bebeyond is, bebeyond the blind side, i wanted the people to know, to hear my story in my own words and to hear what i had to say, and it's, you know, mainly the motivation for kids 10 or 15 years ago in my shoes and my situation to be motivate asked to give them hope and let them know if i did it they can do it, and that is why i wrote the book. >>shepard: people say is his
12:56 pm
mom really leak that was he really walk down the street like that? >>guest: if you know my mom, leann, i mean, everybody where i went to school, she's tough, and she buckled down on me and she is the reason i am here, and for her to take a chance to let me in her home, and to welcome me in, she's, she taught me a lost hinges and i appreciate and love her. >>shepard: we all love her. the book is great if you know a skid who needs direction or a role model, you don't mind filling that role. some athletes are not comfortable with that and i know you are. >>guest: i didn't have a role model in my neighborhood. i wasn't told to go to school, i didn't see anybody going to work every day, so, when i go back and talk to the kids and the look they have on their face and to know that, you know, this
12:57 pm
guy, if i had somebody like me to come to my neighbor, how easy it would have been to know. >>shepard: out of time. l, progre has lots of discounts for a guy like brad. brad's intrigued. paid in full, safe driver, multi-car, going paperless -- all can help brad save a bunch. sign brad up. cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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